Nail Buddies Are Awesome

Good Morning loves, sorry I have not been blogging much lately, my kids are sick with this RSV virus and man is it scary, so I have had limited time for long blogs and I like my posts to be long and thorough. I will probably start doing even small posts as I hate not sharing with you all 😦 

Anyhow, On to the nail buddy. Some of you may remember the group I am in called OUR NAILS . This group is amazing:) we have de-stashing, giveaways, contests,nail buddies and more. Here is one of my recent boxes of nail goodies 🙂 Who doesn’t love Nail gifts every month to lift your mood ?? Mow My nail buddy knew I wanted lots of Bonita polish to add to my collection as we share what we want. like and don’t. 

Nail Buddy Mail
Bonita to add to my collections
bonita2 03-12-11.19.56
Bonita Salon Nail Polish in: Smashin Fashion, Flower Child, Kiss and Tell, Hydrangeas Are My Fav, Shark Bait, Mo-Money, You’re My Lobster
trust fund nail polish “I’m Kind of a big deal”
Trust fund nail polish ingredient
Trust fund topped with bonita smashin fashion and jewels

Now I love all Bonita polish and I was surprised with Trust Fund Polish, how it is hard to apply evenly and to me it shows every little imperfection on your nails, This polish is expensive in my opinion @ 15.00 USD a bottle, They have amazing names and bottles however I could never Justify the price for how this applies. Now the non toxic 5 free formula is a big bonus and I am just picky about which polishes I like and how they apply. Trust Fund Beauty

I Hope you head over and check out our group that I shared with you at the top of this posts. 

Thanks for reading 🙂 


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