New Barielle Colors & Treatments with Prosina Collecton

Good Morning loves, I hope you all have been well. Have you seen that Barielle has come out with a new line of colors and treatment products that are 5-free and from what I see so far TPHP free. This line is called the PROSINA Collection. Pregnancy safe, NO animal testing. They have some beautiful colors and treatment options available for 9.00 and up depending on if … Continue reading New Barielle Colors & Treatments with Prosina Collecton

Update for Less Toxic Nail Polish Brands

Good morning and Happy Friday 🙂 This morning I have an update for the 5 & 8 free polish brands. I have been meaning to do this for a while but this winter everything has been crazy with everyone sick, lets hope things stay better now. So go ahead and check out some of these healthier for you polish brands and have a great weekend … Continue reading Update for Less Toxic Nail Polish Brands

New Nail Medic : Picture Heavy

I was so lucky to be sent these from Pretty Woman NYC and omg they are amazing so far.They have added new products to keep you covered from many cuticle products to treatments. They will be coming out in Bed Bath & Beyond Stores hopefully next month. Below I have included some pictures and info about some of the great new line. First I tried … Continue reading New Nail Medic : Picture Heavy

Mineral Fusion Brilliant Review

Brilliant…oh yes the color says it all!!  Mineral Fusion Brilliant Polish  This is brand that I have wanted to try for a while and now I am so glad I did. For my first color I chose Brilliant which is described as a “dark pink with glitter finish” and this is very true. This color is stunning and has a great sparkle to it. I love how it: … Continue reading Mineral Fusion Brilliant Review

Valentines Day Collection

Good morning, I have the collection from Pretty Woman NYC for Valentines Day that they were kind enough to send to me. This beautiful collection consists of reds, pinks & glitter. The names of these are so cute for the upcoming holiday. The formula is great however the brush hold a lot of polish so be sure to swipe off your brush a bit before applying. … Continue reading Valentines Day Collection

DEFY & INSPIRE 5-free Polish @ Target 

Good Morning loves, I just came across this and wanted to share with you. You all know by now I am a big lover of 5 -free less toxic so here is a newer brand from Target believe it or not, I definitely have to try this. So here are some of the colors below from the Target website with 38 colors along with the top coat & base … Continue reading DEFY & INSPIRE 5-free Polish @ Target 

Deco Miami 5 free Nail Polish

Good afternoon & more coffee with nail news. A new 5 free brand today that I found is called Deco Miami .They are of course as suggested out of Miami Florida where it is so much warmer than here right now 🙂 A little about them from their site:  ** Deco ◆ Miami is a Miami Beach based nail lacquer line founded by Julianna Dahbura in the summer of 2015. … Continue reading Deco Miami 5 free Nail Polish