About me/Contact

This may be long, at least you will know a little about me ….

Hi, I am Laura

Most of my personal pictures will have the watermark of: NPL, Nail Polish Lover,  Mt. Washington Beauty or Mt.wBeauty 

If you would like to contact me for any reason my email is

ltnailpolishlover@gmail.com I check it daily so I will reply in a timely manner. Thanks

I started this blog being my first ever blog as a true passion of mine . I love all things related to nail polish and nail care and better for you beauty, hair and bath products. no I have not ventured into the world of stamping, and decor of nails, however I love to share my insight on products and swatches and also any online or in store sales I may find.I am greatly looking forward to trying new nail polish and subscriptions and writing my true honest opinions of them.I may be blunt sometimes and sorry but that is how I am.I feel people should know the good and bad then make their opinion.

I love so many things in life but my main passions are my 4 kids, dogs of all shapes and sizes,recipes, heart healthy of course:) parenting, and online research of many topics. I f I did a blog about everything I love omg it would be so overbearing to you all so I picked one favorite passion of mine that is kind of my world and helps me deal with my social anxiety and always being home.I live in the mountains in north-eastern USA so my store availability is slim ..Wal-Mart and rite aid haha also I shop a lot online for products mostly at Amazon.com and Dermstore.com, and a few other sites so if you see me showing links for websites that is because I am only sharing what I think is a good deal or as with Amazon, yes I am a member but I also truly honestly love them and most of their products that I myself order. If I did not like their service I would not recommend them so highly!

Now I have expanded my blog to include healthier beauty and skin care products. It amazes me how much toxins are in hair care, bath and body and everything else we put on our selves to shine for the world. Now days they have so many options out there for you to use with less toxins. My goal is to share with you all things I find that you may want to try and also write reviews for products that I have tried.

I changed my blog title to Mt. Washington Beauty because to me the name represents natural beauty year around. Mt Washington is a very popular place right near me that is stunning. You can learn more about Mt. Washington by following this link https://www.mountwashington.org


Please feel free to share anything nail & beauty related at anytime and message me anytime

I welcome all comments good and bad as comments and interaction with you all is so important to me.Please contact me any time for any reason and I will reply within 24 hours almost guaranteed.

You will also find on my blog posts about items and companies with direct links to there items or store, I love sharing what I find and I hope this is helpful to you all .

Thanks for visiting.


CONTENT is: as I have stated before some of my nail pictures and content postings are from my findings on the internet and researching, along with my own personal reviews and opinions of course.I will post in my review if the company has sent me products free of charge to review.If that is not posted then I have bought it.If you see ** at the end of a post this means my pics and or some info are from one or more of the companies listed in my post


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