NOTD- Flirty

Here are my quick nails of the day using Bonita Flirty Shirley with different layers and a decal on my accent finger 🙂 I can never get enough of Bonita polish they apply and dry so perfect always. You can usually always find this brand at rite aid. 

This color has a textured finish shown in the 2nd picture, first picture is with a top coat to smooth it out. 

Then I have added a picture of Pretty Woman Nail Medic Cuticle Control which to my surprise works amazing on cuticles and dead skin that gets in the grooves of your know between your skin and nail side wall. This works almost instantly for me 🙂 

Bonita Flirty Shirley & Nail medic Cuticle Control
Bonita Flirty Shirley

I hope you all love this color as much as me, It can be sheer or build up to your desire 🙂 It is a lovely spring glitter polish. 

Bonita Colors Nail Polish

Bonita Colors Instagram

Pretty Woman NYC

Instagram Pretty Woman NYC

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6 thoughts on “NOTD- Flirty

    1. Hi, dear sorry for my late response, we have had a house of sick kids with RSV, The flirty Shirley isn’t a thermal I layered it to look like that cause I love the look 🙂 I hope you do also. Now the Cuticle Control is a cuticle softener/remover it works well on me and really helps remove the dead skin around your nails also that you may not notice. Please feel free to check out my group for Pretty Woman where more info is


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