Eclair Naturals-New Pretty Woman Island Brights

Happy Saturday loves, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend. I have some new products to share with you that have hit shelves in Rite-Aid stores along with a new polish collection from one of my most loved brands so this will be a long post:) I will try to keep it short as possible 

First up we have Eclair Naturals  which I recently found at my local Rite Aid, I was so excited to try it. The price was decent at 8.99 a bottle  for the shampoo and conditioner, the ingredients all checked out good on all my ewg searches of each individual ingredient. Sadly It was very disappointing with this hair care line for my very dry hair. It left my hair feeling like a rats nest and straw in the shower after shampooing with the coconut shampoo, the coconut conditioner did not do much better either 😦 This would be best for people who do not have super dry-frizzy hair but for mild de-tangling and dryness. It smells great when you use it and then leaves my hair totally unscented after I got out of the shower.  They do have other options for scents and hair needs on their website and in stores. Next is the body lotion. I was hoping this would maybe take the place of my Shea Butter whipped lotion for this summer however I just did not find it moisturizing enough for me. After I first applied it and massaged it into my hands it left a sticky feeling 😦  I continued to use it for a few days and used it on my dry legs right before bed to see if they would feel less dry when I woke up and they did not, my legs felt just as dry. I would still recommend this to people who just want a normal-medium dryness lotion for everyday use due to the less toxic ingredients in it. Ya know at the office, in bathrooms for customers or visitors to use. This does NOT have much of a smell at all. So for those who prefer unscented it would be a good option.  However head over to their website and check out their body butter options, cupcake fizzy bath drops and more.  The ingredients are way less toxic for you 🙂 

Pretty Woman NYC Island Brights at Rite Aid stores
Island Brights : Pink,Red,Purple and Teal by Pretty Woman NYC
Pretty Woman NYC Island Brights one coat coverage
Pretty Woman NYC Island Brights 2 coats coverage with Titanium top coat

I spotted these the other day at Rite Aid and was in shock 🙂 They are 3.99 ea and have the same great less toxic ingredients as other Pretty Woman NYC  lines. They pride themselves on being a healthy beautiful nail option for you. These applied well and the brush is well made, dried very well however you will need a top coat to make these shiny and pop. The Pink Island Brights i would suggest 2-3 coats for color achievement. Keep your eye out for these in your local Rite Aid and try a great priced 5 free, tphp free polish line today 🙂 🙂 They are wonderful Spring and Summer colors I would definitely recommend.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. I am sorry I have not been posting as much as I used to however things with kids and family life have been crazy busy and that comes first. I appreciate and love all of your support. 






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