New MTK Design Thermals

Happy Easter loves. I hope you all have a calm happy day. Today I have an new thermal from MTK Design  called Seaglass. This polish is so easy to work with,great thermal activity, applies very well, even coverage, quick dry time and from previous experience this brand does last a while with a good top coat like titanium top coat from Pretty Woman. 

Now onto these pictures, I have tried to capture this color very well to show you all its true potential. I hope you like them. In the all green and all blue pictures below you will see water maybe still left on my nails or in the side grooves, sorry but I did not want to chance ruining the thermal from dipping in hot then cold water just to get ever drop of water 🙂 

MTK Design Seaglass Thermal
MTK Design Seaglass Thermal when Cold
MTK Design Seaglass Thermal When Hot
MTK Design Seaglass Thermal
20160326_171713-1 (2)
MTK Design Seaglass Thermal
MTK Design Seaglass Thermal
MTK Design Seaglass Thermal

Now Mary has a few other new thermals out and I have attached a picture of each just to give you a glimpse of them.

Hope you like these and head over to take a peak at her store 



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