Andalou Naturals Conditioner Review

Hello , this review goes into my never ending search for a “good” less toxic conditioner for dry, frizzy straight hair. This time I decided on this brand due to the ingredients and the health safety scores it has. I can remember the days when I stepped out of the shower and my hair was so easy to comb and just shiny,smelling good all day with little frizz 😦 Honestly since I have been trying all natural/organic safe conditioner those memories are gone. I have not found one conditioner that leaves me happy with my hair without adding tons of styling products afterwards. 

I have been using this for a few weeks and I have no improvement in my hair at all, but I am finishing the bottle as it is better than others.


Andalou Naturals Sweet Orange & Argan Conditioner Pros:  This has a good safety rating due to the lack of nasty chemicals like formaldehyde re-leasers. This Is available on many websites for easy ordering. Contains Argan oil,Shea butter & sweet orange oil, Cruelty free, OK price for being a safe less toxic product. Works Good on kids hair. Cons: Is labeled for hair that needs moisture, helps with less frizz and split ends which it did NOT do for anyone in my family. A bit pricey for 11.5 oz. The scent does not last long at all. (sorry I like mine to smell good for a while) It does take a bit to evenly cover my shoulder length hair. 

Overall I would recommend this for people who DO NOT have dry, frizzy hair. I have seen many mixed reviews, some say it worked great and smelled awesome all day others say do not buy so here is my honest review. 

Thanks for reading and check back soon 🙂 




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