New Nail Medic : Picture Heavy

I was so lucky to be sent these from Pretty Woman NYC and omg they are amazing so far.They have added new products to keep you covered from many cuticle products to treatments. They will be coming out in Bed Bath & Beyond Stores hopefully next month. Below I have included some pictures and info about some of the great new line. First I tried out the Nail Strong along with the Marula Oil and I think It came out great. 

Here are the actual product packaging as I wanted you to see the real introduction and instruction per each one so you can decide what might be best for you as these are not available online yet. 


So these are some great looking products for nail and cuticle treatments, of course I will not know the long term affects of these for a little while but where my nails are so sensitive and this brand is what stopped them from peeling I have a great feeling about these. If you have any questions about these please feel free to contact me or Ashley at the below links. Keep your eyes out for updates and products at your local Bed Bath & Beyond 

There you have it ladies 🙂 I will keep you updated on product effectiveness and availability 

Spring Is Coming 





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