Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter

Good morning, sorry I have been scarce around here lately, I have had so many health issues and family issues going on I have honestly barely had time or energy to do my nails or anything. I miss it so much. So, this week I have many reviews and posts coming ūüôā Today’s first one is about Organic Shea butter. You all know I love it, it truly is the ONLY thing that keeps my flaky dry skin gone for good. I could never go back to store bought lotion besides my Alba lotion for my hands¬†once¬†in a while.

Cleopatra’s Shea Butter
Cleopatra’s Shea Butter

Cleopatra’s Choice Shea Butter ¬†I ordered on amazon HERE ¬†and it arrived just as described except for it was not Ivory, more of a beige color. This does have the scent of shea butter which is OK as I will be making body butter with it and add a tiny bit of oil to some of it along with argan oil. This is a great value for shea butter and it¬†definitely is moisturizing to my hands and cuticles, the real test will be with my legs as those are the driest always and last time when I made my body butter with¬†grape seed¬†oil and argan oil it was not as¬†moisturizing¬†as just the argan and shea mixture.¬†¬† here is a video about Shea butter . You can also check out the many uses of shea butter and more in depth information¬†HERE¬†ūüôā If you look at the chart below Cleopatra’s is more of the yellow color description.


I will update with a post soon about the body butter and how it works on extra dry skin, I am confidant that this will work awesome. Have any of you used this brand? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks for reading





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