Come Join For a online Nail buddy

Good morning loves, I hope all of you are well, I am of course sick again with a chest cold:( I will still try to post as much as possible. Today I wanted to share a cool group with you where you can share anything nail related and also sign up for a nail buddy. Nail buddy system is where you have one or more people you want to buy gifts for each month and mail them surprise gifts nail related, it is kinda like nail Christmas each month 🙂 You agree on how much you each spend, share likes and dislikes and communicate with eachother. I really like it. I have never had one before and now I am going on my second month doing it. 

If you are interested head to Our Nails Facebook Group, request to be added and then read & agree to the rules. If you have any questions we are all their for you so don’t be shy. 

Thanks and if you have any questions feel free to ask me:) the main image was not made by me belongs to the group. 




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