New Gelogic Colors

Hello loves, this afternoon I have some new colors from Pretty Woman NYC Gelogic .I was so excited when Ashley offered to send these to me:) She knows how much I totally adore Gelogic polish.  They have not been added to the online store yet but they will be soon.  These apply so easy and dry quick, they are thinner than the other Gelogics I have. They are still awesome polishes. I love everything about them except the bottles, the bottles make it very hard to tell the actual colors of some of them. You will see in the pictures below. 

New Pretty Woman NYC Gelogic Colors
New Pretty Woman NYC Gelogic Colors
New Pretty Woman NYC Gelogic Colors

The colors above from left to right are:
Hot Pink Sparkle
Pale Pink Sparkle 
Blue Metallic
Orange Sparkle

I Hope you think these colors are as cool as I do, I would say the orange, pink and blue are late spring to summer colors or if you are going on a vacation to a place with nice warm weather:) if you are these are a must. The Pale Pink Sparkle `is what I would call a year around light sparkle color that would go well with so many things. The blue and orange applied so great with one coat I was shocked. 🙂

xoxo Thank you so much for reading. Please comment what you think of these we would love to hear your feedback good or bad.




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