Carma & Peel and Clean

Good morning loves, I have a few products for you from Promise polish. If you read my blog you know I love her nail polish very much:) 2016-26-1--05-26-40

First up is Peel and Clean: ** LATEX FREE product! This is the stuff you apply all around your nail, especially during messy nail art projects to help with a quick and less messy clean up.
Since this product is latex free it takes a little bit longer to dry. During testing it took anywhere from 3 minutes to 5 minutes. That is with applying one coat. You can apply more if you like but it will take longer to dry.
I also added some coconut oil and some mango butter to the formula so that it would also have a moisturizing affect on the skin. Plus the added pleasantly gentle scent.
Once dry it peels away very easily. I like using tweezers but you can pick an edge with your fingers and peel it off that way if you prefer. You may need to go back and peel a little piece here or there.
I wanted to make a product for those of us with a sensitivity to latex.
This product is entirely non-toxic and washes away with just water. Still use caution as I imagine it wouldn’t be a pleasure to get it in your eyes.
Peel and Clean comes in a beautiful 5 ml tube with a soft and generously sized application pad at the end of the caps wand.
Ingredients: polyvinyl acetate, polyvinyl alcohol, water, coconut oil, mango butter, mica.
*FREE of phenalates, latex, wheat and gluten** This is Debbies info from her etsy store:)

This worked pretty well I think as a first time user of any peel and clean type product. It did dry fine and as long as you put a semi- thick coat on it peels up nicely in one try. It did not irritate my skin at all which is good. I would definitely recommend it.

Promise Polish Peel and Clean  Steps 1-4

Next I have Carma  for you, Carma is a lovely wine berry color that is full of scattered holo. I truly am loving this color, it has so much beauty to it.One of my top favorite colors so far:) It applied easily with 2 coats then my gelogic top coat. The only one downfall is it contains Carmine which I prefer not to use so I used it for this swatch but omg I wish I could keep wearing it as I seriously love this color. 2016-26-1--05-15-49

Promise Polish Carma

What do you think of these two products? I hope you leave your feedback please:) 

Xoxo Contains press samples!! My post is honest of my opinions on all products I have on my blog 🙂


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