My Nail Care Routine & Products

Good evening loves. I have a post for you about my nail care routine that I use for each manicure. I have been asked a lot lately online and in person when people ask “what did you do to get them to grow and stop peeling” well when I thought I was doomed Pretty Woman NYC Nail Medic  came to my rescue at the perfect time last year. I first snatched up their growth factor that definitely helps nails grow and also helped keep my nails a little less dry however my nails were still missing something. I was still new at the whole “step” process to great nail care. I then went and did much research and have come up with my routine that works for me.

I drink a lot and I mean a lot of water, a few months ago I was diagnosed over hydrated which I did not think was don’t do that, however do drink at least 8 bottles of water of normal size a day.  I also take a women’s multivitamin gummy with omega added. I do not use my nails as tools for things, I always wear gloves if I am doing dishes etc. I use all natural cleaners instead of bleach or harsh ones. Shea butter that is organic is amazing for your nails and cuticles. I use it like 4-5 times a day, it may sound crazy but I love it and it has helped my hands and nails so much in my opinion. I whip my Shea butter also using organic argan oil or Avocado oil or a mixture of all. 


Pretty Woman NYC Nail Medic

Now on to the products from Pretty Woman NYC that I use. I have tried almost all of the Nail Medic line, so far I have liked all of them however I did not feel the Shea nail oil was enough for me, as everyone is different. Currently I use the products listed in the steps listed specifically 1-5 on the image above. # 2 Hydrator should be used 3-4 times a day for really dry, splitting nails, just one click is enough product for about 2 nails and massage it it.  If you are looking for a bigger bottle of good nail and cuticle oil to use in conjunction with hydrator I would definitely recommend Vibrant Vinyls All Natural Cuticle oil NUT FREE I have this in the 15 ml dropper and I use it along with my other products as it also absorbed fast and really helps. vvcoil

Yes you will see I use Nail Blur and the CC Cream Lacquer only because I have major lines in my nails and they stain super easy so one coat of nail blur and 2 coats of CC Cream Lacquer.Then I use the gelogic top coat as it lasts a very long time in my personal experience.  They dry super fast so it should not interfere with how much time you want to spend as patients is a big key in getting and keeping great nails. 

Remember After you use any oils, steps 2, etc or before any base coat or polish always wash your hands well, dry and apply nail detox again or 90-100% rubbing alcohol to remove all traces of oils left behind that will make your base and other coats peel and not last long.

Below you will see the big difference 🙂 I totally love it!! 

You can purchase all Nail medic products on their website Pretty Woman NYC Nail Medic along with many color collections like Nude, Gelogic, Ceramic and soon their will be a valentines color collections 🙂

I hope I have given plenty of information and steps. If you have any questions please feel free to message me on here or any of my social media sites. Thanks so much for reading I hope I have helped. You will also notice I trimmed a lot of my nails 😦 but I am confident they will all grow back. 




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