UPDATE: The main picture is of all 4 colors To give you a good idea of what they look like. I left truth fairy on my first two fingers and the second one has 2 coats of Flirty Shirley over it. It looks awesome.

 Good evening loves:) I swear I just cannot go more than 3 days max without changing my polish unless I am really sick!! Anyhow,  The other day when I was shopping in Rite Aid I came across some more Bonita Colors from the Essential Collection and a couple from the Bonita Salon collection, I did not grab any of the Salon ones as the colors were very very dark ones. I was more interested in these bright beauties that I did grab. Here you will see what gorgeous colors they are and they look even better when they are on your nails. Now, I looked online everywhere and I could only find a couple pictures on Instagram for Flirty Shirley or Cuculean Killer, I am not sure if they are very new or not but I still think they will look fab. The first one I tried out was Truth Fairy..It is amazing, dries quick and wow was I surprised when I found out this one is a true 1 coater. I love it, it also seems to make my nails look even longer which is a plus. The smell of tis polish is not as low as my favorite indies or pwnyc however it does not give me any issues or linger so long I cannot handle it, for 1.49 that is awesome. 


I hope you love this ad look forward to seeing the other colors from above. I know I do. Thanks for reading and feel free to comment 🙂



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