NOTD Ivy Green

Good morning loves, last night I decided to try out another new color called IVY from Mtk Design Winter Garden Collection, I chose this color to order as I LOVE greens and it also looked liked a color that might be good for Fall to Spring and boy was I right 🙂 Smooth application, low odor,5 free, not too long to dry and an Indie brand..what more could I want? I love this and will have to buy a bigger bottle now. I hope you like it. My hubby decided he wanted to see the Gold snowflakes on the green…different to me but hey it doesn’t look that bad and he liked it so that is what mattered 🙂

Mtk Designs Winter Garden Collection  Consist of:  **  The Holly: a rich sparkling wine with copious amounts of glitter in reds, purples, and blue. This color is lush and bright, and just unapologetically opulent. Hence, the name ‘The Holly’. The holly is proud of what it is.    The Ivy: slightly muted green linear halo which doesn’t know if it’s olive, or sage, or mint. It has warm tendencies with a crisp cool halo finish. Almost a one coater if you have a heavy hand. This color really grows on you.  Minter: peppermint scented bright winter blue with a linear halo which lends to a chillier finish. This is the color of a frozen sky or the deepest parts of an iceberg. It’s crisp and clear and sparkles and smells like the best parts of a candy cane (there are no bad parts to a candy cane)**  I now want the other two in this set.

Picture from MTK Design

I hope you like the look of this green as much as I do. Thanks for reading 🙂




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