Still Trying Nail Art..Feedback Please

Good morning loves I am enjoying my coffee as usual and I am going to share with you my first time of using nail vinyls with nail art…no it is not perfect but I am trying to get better and learn. The worst thing was every white polish I have tried takes forever to frustrating 😦  Any suggestions or feedback would be greatly appreciated 🙂 

Gelogic Snow White, Vibrant Vinyls Scalloped Vinyls,Dazzle Glaze Captain Of The Catamaran

You can find these lovely products by clicking the links below. I have to say Captain of the Catamaran is absolutely amazing in my opinion. I love the coverage,brush,dry time, low odor 🙂 It rocks.The vinyls were super easy to use I am so glad I tried them. These ladies are amazing at what they do!!

Dazzle Glaze Captain Of The Catamaran

Vibrant Vinyls Shop Small Scallops

Pretty Woman NYC Gelogic  I believe Snow White is out of stock

xoxo be sure to comment I would love feedback pleaseeee




10 thoughts on “Still Trying Nail Art..Feedback Please

      1. Thanks 🙂 I think right now it’s holding about 100 polishes, however a lot of the bottles are smaller then the typical nail polish bottle

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