Pretty Woman Nail Medic (new reviews)

Good morning nail lovers. It is coffee and nail medic time this morning. Now anyone who reads my blog knows I LOVE Pretty Woman NYC Nail Medic , they have a range of products for people from step 1 to 3 for your nail needs on their website available with FREE SHIPPING, each one is 7.99. This last order I called and spoke to Ashley at PWNYC before ordering and told her my nail issues of lines and dryness she recommended the nail Nail Medic Hydrator  & Nail Medic Nail Blur . Now I ordered Nail blur and she was nice enough to add in for free the Hydrator & Nail Medic Nail Detox  which is step 1 &2 in the 3 step treatment. Here you will see my honest review for each of these. 20160109_071757-1

Step 1- Nail Detox is a nail prep and cleanser that will get your nails ready for your perfect manicure. This contains great ingredients to remove “impurities caused by environmental stress and preps the nail for a manicure. Infused with Cranberry Extract and Lemon Extract which purifies the nail lifting away embedded grime. Soap Bark Extract and Witch Hazel Extract further detoxify the nail plate helping return it to a natural, balanced state”** This applied easily and has a smell of rubbing alcohol, dries very quickly. Now to test this washed my hands and applied my small amount of normal lotion nothing with oil in it just my Alba Bontanica lotion that is my quick go to in the bathroom. Then used the Nail Detox and I could see the difference in my nails they went from shiny because of the lotion to dull and dry (except for my thumb nail which is always a little shiny no matter what). Which it is supposed to do. 

Step 2- Hydrator  is “Designed to saturate and hydrate dry, brittle nails and cuticles. Acai Oil helps combat dehydration of the nail with its high content of essential fatty acids including Omega 6. White Tea Extract and Grapeseed Oil provides further hydration and antioxidant benefits.”** Now I loved this all except for how hard it was to keep getting the product to come out and my felt type tip was kind of rough on my nails kind of hard feeling I am not sure why, anyhow I used this on my nails and cuticles and also used the tip to gently push my cuticles. This seems like a great product especially the pen, I just wish it contained more product and my tip was not a little rough. I still am going to continue using this as it also great to use right after a mani to get in those grooves by your nails where the nail polish remover really gets soaked in and dries your skin out so much. I will probably be keeping this in my stock as I love how the pen is, the ingredients and the absorb time is pretty great also. It takes about 3 min to absorb if you apply a very tiny amount and then 8 mins if you apply more liberally to really dry cuticles and grooves I tested one amount on my right hand one amount on my left hand. Definitely give this a try if you like pen applicators and great ingredients.( now before I apply step 3  washed my hands and nails well and used nail detox again) to remove all oils. 

Step 3- Nail Blur is a nail line and ridge filler. This “Advanced microsphere technology instantly fills in fine lines and ridges, providing “soft focus” effect concealing imperfections and reinforcing weak, brittle nails. Infused with Bamboo Extract and Keratin Protein this treatment base coat will help strengthen aging nails making them appear visibly healthy and radiant”** I used two coats as one coat was not enough for my nails. This dried super fast and by the second coat my nail lines were gone. They had a great shine to them. This is also 5 free tphp free and low odor. I will add pictures of my nails with just this on later today when I change polish again 🙂 as far as growth,strength and protection from this I will not know for about a week, then I will update. So far I am liking it better than the force field just for my nail line issues. 

Pretty Woman NYC Nail Medic Website

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How many of you have tried mail medic ? What is your personal opinion? Good or bad. Thanks so much for reading 🙂



Contains 2 press samples to try. also ** means not my own words or picture 


5 thoughts on “Pretty Woman Nail Medic (new reviews)

  1. The nail blur for ridges and brittle nails is really great and non formaldehyde.
    Been using it a year. It is very hard to find though. Very often out of stock.

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