Vibrant Vinyls Indie Brand

Hello, Loves yesterday I had a good nail mail day 🙂 Among other things included Vibrant Vinyls.Vibrant vinyls is a Etsy store run by April who specializes in Indie nail art, vinyls, cuticle oil,liquid latex and more.Her vinyls all ship FREE ♥

Mine that I ordered
VV Cuticle application Options

I decided to try the All Natural Cuticle Oil Nut Free  & the Small Scalloped Vinyls I love trying cuticle oil in general as my skin, cuticles and nails are always so dry and you never know how something will work for you personally until you try it. I was so glad I did. This cuticle oil contains :

 Jojoba Oil 
Grapeseed Oil  
Castor Oil 
Avocado Oil 
Sunflower Oil 
EV Olive Oil 
Fractionated Coconut Oil 
Vitamin E.

This cuticle oil is also natural,cruelty free,peanut free,tree nut free,soy free,gluten free,paraben free  then your option of a scent or scent free. There are 23 scents to choose from and 3 application styles to choose from. I chose the 15 ml dropper and the scent “JOY” it has a nice refreshing scent to me that is not too strong which is very important to me as I do NOT like strong smelling oils on my nails. I applied this one small drop per cuticle then gently massaged in around and on nail and tips. Honestly I timed it it took 5 mins to absorb. I was like WOW this may just be a keeper.My skin around my cuticles felt nice and soft not oily or anything just nice and soft. Now if you apply a liberal amount it will probably take a little bit longer to absorb. I shall test that right now… so I applied a big drop to each nail at 3:341 pm and now it is fully absorbed at 3:54 pm vvcoil

These are the nail vinyls I ordered and plan to use soon. I ordered the small scallops and April was nice enough to add in some Christmas trees, snowflakes,bows and water marble stencils. I was so thrilled. I have been looking forward to expanding my nail art and getting better at it. I hope this helps me. Thanks so much April vv

I cannot wait to try some nail art, now my patients are on edge hehe :)April makes some awesome nail polish lover vinyls and mugs etc, be sure to check her out. She is also very responsive on Facebook should you have any questions or inquiries at all. 

You can find Vibrant Vinyls here:

Vibrant Vinyls Facebook

Vibrant Vinyls Shop

Vibrant Vinyls Instagram



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