Our First Kiss Thermal NOTD

Good morning with some coffee and new NOTD using Promise Polish Our First Kiss Thermal , This polish is a bit different. It transitions from really warm light white color to cool light pink and when cold bright pink with a slight orange tint. I think it is a color for anytime of the year given it has 3 different shades to it. just an FYI: Now if you have really short nails you must read this: Many people love that the tips of nails change greatly with thermals but as I will show you in the second picture with my short nail that it will only change the whole nail color not tips as there is none if your nails are short. This is a textured polish so be sure to add a good quality top coat. If you do not know much about Promise polish please read my post Indie Promise Polish  and of course if you have any other questions feel free to ask me or contact Debbie @ Promise polish her links will be below. 

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What do you think of this color? I love your feedback good or bad 🙂




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