Avocado Oil

I received my order of Now Foods Avocado Oil & my usual Shea butter by Now foods for my whipped body butter. Now here is a link to a good site I found about Avocado Oil for hair, please read 🙂The Truth About Avocado Oil and Hair. Now check out Nailsmag on Avocado oil for nails and cuticles and this is an amazing article on dry brittle nails, a good read shall I say. Nail Care HQ How to strengthen nails Complete instructions, and this is what I will be doing soon and pray that it helps my aging dry nails.


Now I plan on using this for my hair and making body butter with it and adding some Lavender oil. Shea butter is supposed to arrive looking solid not flaky or crumbly,as you see below. This happens usually due to transportation in the cold, this always happens with UPS however when fed ex delivers it it does not…. So this is going back and waiting on a exchange. which will be quick from amazon.

If you look close you see it is not solid 

Shea butter honestly is the ONLY thing that has helped me and my kids dry skin and eczema. I never really thought something could work this good and not have to reapply every 6 hrs to not itch or have flaky skin. You seriously need this in your life. My opinion of course 🙂  




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