Dazzle Glaze Lacquer by Radiantly Vivacious Sale

Good Morning coffee & nail sales post 🙂 Candace @ Radiantly Vivacious Dazzle Glaze  is having a great sale on 5-free Indie Polish. She carries polish, cuticle oil, hand scrub and cell phone cases. Right now many of her polishes are on sale and selling out. If you find something you like grab it before it is gone. Prices range from $3.50 to $7.50, many full sizes on sale. 

I am going to add some pictures from her store to give you an idea of some of what she carries. These pictures are NOT mine. They belong to whomever swatched them & Radiant Vivacious.

Just look at these holo loving and shimmery polishes and you are sure to find something beautiful. Candace has 70 nail polish in stock right now, some only have 1 left. I ordered a couple the other day so my review and swatch will be up the day after they arrive 🙂 

You can find Dazzle Glaze Radiantly Vivacious on

IG: Dazzle Glaze on Instagram

FB: Radiantly Vivacious Facebook

Radiantly Vivacious Pinterest

I hope you love the look of these as much as I do and head over and take a look. 


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