New Lillian Eve Colors 2016

I am so excited to share with you some New Year New colors from Lillian Eve . The shop should reopen and start shipping 12/1/16. They have added 6 new colors that I see. Ranging from creme to shimmer finish. $12.00 ea. If you are new to LE they also have a sign up special for 25% off code when you first sign up for their email subscription. 5-free, TPHP free polish that is not to strong in odor great for sensitive people and your supporting a small business that donates 10% of all proceeds go to supporting resources for domestic violence in the Atlanta, GA area. 

I think these are some great colors once again from LE. What ones do you love the look of ? 

Best wishes and a Happy New year To all 


**pics are from LE website not mine 


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