Wishing For Snow Nails

Good afternoon loves, I hope you all had a very spectacular Christmas 🙂 We still have NO SNOW and yes I am sad,(please don’t scowl)hehe I live in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. SKI COUNTRY lol and yes as much as the storms worry me I love the beauty of the snow as it covers all the yucky looking things around. The sun glistening off the snow is so beautiful.  We are supposed to get snow early tomorrow am and during the day, the kids have all their snow gear and waiting to go out and play 🙂 

As you should see the images below are much clearer and more vibrant, thanks to my new light-box. 


For these nails I used my PrettyWomen Nail Medic Force Field along with PWNYC Gelogic Rolling In The Deep  which is a a nice dark navy blue. Then Topped with Gelogic Tatium Top coat. Now for my snow theme I used Bonita Tinman’s Brew  with a sponge applicator to scatter the glitter for the snowbanks, no they are not perfect as I did not want them to be. The specks of gold in the Tinman’s Brew resembles the sun glistening 🙂 I hope you like it. Also as usual I used my Gelogic Titanium Top coat that I have to rave about as I love it, my mani lasts forever with minimal wear and I use it as my main top coat, it dries quick, lasts forever and seriously helps with no wear or chips. 

Thanks for reading xoxo



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