Promise Polish Sooth Cuticle Oil

Good afternoon Loves, Thank god I feel better enough to do a post. 🙂 Yayyy I miss it so much, I have been lost. I hate staying in bed, and today I received my products of choice from Polish Polish with Sooth cuticle oil which contains : coconut, almond, vitamin E , biotin, jojoba oil and lavender oil but has no smell which I love. Seems how I have very very dry nails and cuticles I plastered this on heavy and it was all absorbed in about half hr but after you gently rub it in it does not run and stay like liquid oil running down your fingers, you will notice on my pinkie finger there is some on my finger, this is BEFORE I massaged it in.  This oil comes in many different scents and options and is of course Indie/Handmade by Debbie @ Promise Polish Cuticle Oil,  now yes the bottle says CUTICULE oil, there was a slight miss hap however I like it as it is in French so I do not see what the big deal is, it does not affect the oil in any way. I am going to be using this daily a few times a day for 2 weeks and see how it does. I tried this with CND solar oil however I just could not get over that it contains pesticides in it supposedly. I am not saying it is not a good product for many. Just my preference. 


No oil just dry cuticles
Fully absorbed 
Cuticle oil applied heavily before rubbing in

Well I am very happy with trying this product and as always working with Debbie and ordering from her is always easy and a pleasure. She has a few new items out already and more coming. Head over and take a look 🙂  Later I will have some colors of new polishes I received to show you. 

Happy Holidays and I miss you all 🙂 





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