Nourishing DIY Nail Soak


Seems how I was unable to order some mani bombs this week I searched for a nail soak recipe for dry nails. I found this one that looked interesting so I tried it out about an hr ago. I found it here Refreshing Argan Oil nail Soak so credit goes to them. I have to add though DO NOT USE COLD MILK, use room temp or warm milk otherwise you end up with chunks of I assume the argan oil, and the honey is much harder to completely mix. I did not add any essential oils as I like most things unscented and I have been very sensitive to smells lately.After I did the nail soak I applied Argan oil straight to my nails and massaged it in for a few minutes. Then washed my hands well. My nails and hands felt soft and nice. The dryness look of my nails did minimize. So overall it was a nice thing to try and maybe I will tweak it a little bit and do another post soon.

soaking my nails















What do you think of this? Have you tried anything like this? I would love to hear your feedback. Do you have a favorite nail soak?

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays 



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