My World Sparkles Lacquers – Indie polish & Monthly box 

Good morning beauties, I just came across another Indie-5 free brand and they look amazing so I had to share with you. She also does a Monthly Mini Box : The cost is $10 for the two minis & a Pamper Gem, this price also includes shipping. Orders for  the mini box close on the 5th of each month.  Below I will show you some pictures of her products and prices. I find her prices very good. These pictures are from her website My World Sparkles Lacquer

She also sells custom made jewelry, makeup, accessories like charms and dog clothes. That is so awesome. Bare Mineral products are also available under the makeup tab. Her polishes are priced $4.00 for mini’s and $8.00 for full size

Decembers Mini Box colors
January Mini Box
Pamper Gems Fizzy Soaks start @ $1.50
Holiday Collection $20.00 For the set


Jack Frost is so beautiful with snow flakes.




She has so much more in her shop so head over and take a look. 🙂

“My World Sparkles Lacquers is all about offering you custom made Indie Lacquers to add sparkles, beauty and fun to your nails!” **

Thank you for reading and Happy Holidays 








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