Desert Essence Sweet Almond Hand & Body Lotion

Hello again, I recently won this from Desert Essence on Twitter  For their November Giveaway. I was so happy to finally win something from a good brand 🙂 This is their Sweet Almond Hand and body lotion 12-12-05.09.31 

“Deeply nourishes dry skin,Leaves skin feeling soft and silky, without  being greasy,Helps repair damage from environmental stress and includes these great properties: Organic Almond Extract and Almond Oil, with a high level of Vitamins A, E, and B, proteins and fatty acids, penetrate the skin, providing soothing nourishment and moisture. Vitamin E-rich Sunflower Oil helps repair damage done by environmental stress. Organic Shea Butter, a rich natural emollient, helps skin retain moisture and restore elasticity, leaving skin feeling smooth and supple. Lightly scented with rich, natural Almond Oil. Certified to NSF Organic standard. “**

Now, for my opinion on this product: It has a nice natural smell, not fake that goes away in about 15 minutes. Not too thin or thick the consistency is just right for people who do not like thick or heavy lotions. It works well on my arms I can feel the moisture for a a little while after I apply it, however my hands are a different story as my hands are extra-extra dry, after I apply this to my hands they feel dry again in about a half hour which for me personally really was disappointing as I am always looking for a great hand lotion that lasts. The price for this usually is about 8-10.00 for a 8 oz tube. This lotion would be good for me in the not so cold and dry months for sure.  They carry many different options for hand and body lotion so I think I am going to order one of my choice in the near future to see how that goes. This definitely will not go un-used.  I love the fact that they use good ingredients and have a good rating for being safe. 

Again, Here is the link to their online store Desert Essence

Thanks for reading and Happy Holidays 



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