Dreamland Jewlery Ring Review

This week has been a mail week 🙂 Nail polish, Jewelry, Giveaways and more. This is my review of my Sterling Silver Cat Ring from Dreamland Jewelry. I was hesitant at first to order for a long time as I always worry about getting ripped off online while shopping or my items never showing up and man I get really annoyed with that. Sorry just how I am. Anyhow when they sent me a code for this ring and it looking like a “fox” instead of a cat I had to get it. I only paid 4.99 for shipping and the ring was free. Great deal!!! It took me 10 days to get my order and I had to call last week as it still was not even processed but that was due to the Holiday season and ya know how things can get backed up. As soon as I called they made sure it went out and sent me tracking info. I was very happy with their customer service rep. I will definitely be ordering again. My order arrived in great shape and safely packaged. 

Close up 

This ring is a cute shiny light weight casual ring. I love how comfortable it is. I  have asked so many people on my Facebook Groups and around where I live and everyone agrees it looks like a Fox head but either way that is good because that is why I bought it. 

If you sign up for their emails they have specials and free jewelry almost daily and you only pay shipping. Now if you end up getting a great quality item hey that is well worth it for 4.99 right? I think so. Head over and look you might find something for yourself or a gift. 

Thanks for reading & Happy Holidays 



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