Practicing free hand nail art

Hello, Last night I figured I would try some free hand nail art. I have not had much chance to order nail art supplies which is on my must get list. Also, I do not have much time without my munchkins and or house cleaning etc so I don’t have hours to do it 😦 However I am trying to really make time to practice 🙂

In this mani I used 2 coats of my PWNYC Nail Medic Force Field & 2 coats of PWNYC Gelogic in Rolling In The Deep , plus a coat of the Gelic Titanium Top Coat,then I used a silver glitter nail art by Kiss 😦 but it was all I could really find around here. Topped it all off with Titaniium Top Coat again. The Rolling In The Deep I love the color and 5-free formu;a just wish it dried a little quicker for me. The Kiss Silver nail art polish dries fast and was OK to work with for a beginner. I used no clean up latex or tape etc just polish’s and brush with remover for a little clean up as my corrector pen ran out and of course my local store is out of them 😦 


Happy Holidays


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