DIY Whipped Shea Butter

I love making this 🙂 It has worked wonders on my kids eczema this past month and it is safe and so easy to make. I did not add any essential oils as I wanted it fragrance free for less irritation.  I used 1/4 of a 7 oz jar of Shea butter By Now foods found here Now Foods Shea Butter On Amazon & added 2 drops of Now Foods Organic Argan oil then used my extra mixer and whipped it till it was like thick frosting. 


You can add essential oils to this..NOT scented oils you find in the candle sections …I recently had a lady that tried that 😦 oh boy not a good idea you will itch. You can get a good idea of essential oils (i.e. Lavender,orange,tea tree,lemongrass) you could use HERE  .You can also use, coconut,avocado, almond oil instead or with argan oil. Just be sure to not over do it on the oils as it will end up greasy and not absorb well. Mix ,Then put it in a air tight container in a cool dry area. not COLD. I should add, I did NOT heat it. You add the ingredients you want to use in a bowl and blend away 🙂 You can also use a clean un-used pump bottle to put it in if desired.

Have you tried this yet? I would love to hear your feedback 

Happy Holidays 



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