Beauty Updates & NOTD

Good afternoon my loves, Today I am using a old favorite Revlon Brilliant Strength Line This line does not contain TPHP for those who care. To me I am still using what I like and that is that. This formula and line I love how it applies and covers so swell, sometimes with just one coat. I have never ever worn Gold polish before but my hubby thought it would be nice for the holidays so here it is. I was going to add some nail art however I waiting for my orders to come with the polishes I need. I know this may look like a classic gold or you may have already seen it, but I like it I guess. So for my complete mani today consisted of Pretty Women NYC Nail Medic Force field , then two coats of Revlon Brilliant strength in Hypnotize topped off with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat. Which is also TPHP free, The Top coat worked OK, definitely not like my Poshe top coat 😦  So that is my basic gold NOTD haha . 

On to the update of what I am totally loving right now!! Shea Butter. This stuff is so amazing I wish I would have tried it sooner. This works great on my skin, and my hair 🙂 I am hoping after a while with continued use it will help with the aging look of my hands 😦 eek which I hate.  Shea butter even works better on my hair than Organic Argan oil. I was shocked. So, if you have dry frizzy hair or flyaways rub a tiny dab between your palm until it looks like oil then start from end and work your way up, your hair will be so much better looking. It is a 2 for 1 here you help your hands, cuticles and hair all at once. 

Well that is it for now, I have a few orders of Indie polishes and Pretty women polish so I will be back often with reviews and pictures.

What do you think of the Hypnotize Gold and Shea butter ?

Happy Holidays 


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