Brand New Collection From Pretty Women NYC -Nude Collection 

Good afternoon loves, I hope you all had a fun shopping weekend. Now back the regular scheduled program, haha ♥ Today I was happy to see that one of my all time favorite companies has released a new line called The Nude Collection from PWNYC.  It consists of 8 lovely looking nude colors for everyone. from very light to dark brown. Below you will see the pictures of each color, These are from their website not mine. So take a peek and remember they are 5-free and tphp free for those who worry. They each go for 7.99 and free shipping still on all orders. 

If you head on over and look they have pictures swatched of each color 🙂

I think these look amazing and given my experience with many of their lines I would totally recommend you try them. I hope They continue to grow and come out with seasonal collections. However this collection would be good for the office, meeting or anything subtle or elegant.  I am not sure which ones I will be ordering first. What do you like the look of best? 

Thanks for reading Remember these pictures are not mine they are from PWNYC website 

Happy Holidays 





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