Pretty Women NYC Gelogic In Totally Taupe

Hello my loves, This is my NOTD with Pretty Women NYC Gelogic Line in Totally Taupe topped with the Titanium Top coat. This was a quick mani as my kids have come down with my cold and that is way more important than spending a long time on my nails being perfect right now. Pretty Woman NYC Gelogic In Totally Taupe . This color applies so evenly and smooth I loved it. The titanium Top coat definitely makes your nails look shiny and plump. I cannot get over the self leveling of the line, absolute amazement. 

Gelogic In Totally Taupe with Titanium Top Coat

This is a picture of my daughters nails we just did as she wanted her nails painted and hoping to cheer her up where she is not feeling her hyper happy self, I did her nails in  water based red color to match her holiday shirt she is wearing tomorrow ♥  You can tell there are a few little mishaps around her nails but she is only 3 so of course she is going to not be completely still and I am NOT using nail polish remover on her until I order a soy formula. 


Happy Holidays 



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