My Pretty Women Gelogic Line

Good evening loves, Tonight I just wanted to share with you my current Gelogic line from Pretty Women Gelogic Line . These polishes go on very thick and have great coverage and self leveling formula that actually does self level. I love the pigmentation of these and everything else except the brush, or maybe the thickness?? It seems hard to work with without getting near your cuticle or groove lines 😦 for me anyway which makes more cleanup time.( All their polishes are 5-free & TPHP free) To remove this line simply use non-acetone remover. it comes off like a charm which surprised me totally. 

Gelogic in: Rolling In the Deep, Cranberry,Totally Taupe, Titanium Top coat

I Used my nail medic force field and a top coat that helped dry it a little quicker but where these are thick gel like polish they do require more dry time to ensure no smudges or nicks. I have not had a chance to try the Totally Taupe with the Titanium Top Coat which I plan on doing in a day or so to test out the full length of wear time. Lets hope I can go as long as the polish lasts without wanting to change it up haha 🙂 With my order of the Titanium Top Coat and Totally Taupe they also sent me a awesome savings coupon for my next order. I am just loving the savings this brand gives to customers especially being on a tight budget and holidays with kids it helps out a lot. Thank you so much to PWNYC ♥

Be sure to follow and check out their instagram @  they have many sales, videos, etc 

Happy Holidays & Thanks for reading 





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