Nails of The Day

Hello my loves♥ How are you all doing? I am getting a little better or at least enough to redo my nails thank god. Nowadays it is so hard for me to keep a polish on for more than a few days without wanting to switch it up again. My little ones were right there most of the time and also wanted me to take a picture of them holding the Pretty Women Nail Medic Force Field, it was so cute. I am not sure however if I will post it or not..I am very cautious of my kids pictures being online. Now back to my nails today. I started off with my 2 coats of Pretty Women NYC Nail Medic Force Field ( 5-free nail polish and Treatments) that I love so much right now, I hope it stays that way. Then 2 thin coats of Girlosity Cosmetics Mistletoe-Green Holographic Glitter Nail Polish. (5-free Indie nail polish)Then 1 coat of Poshe Super-Fast Drying Top Coat, which is one of my all time favorite top coats besides it gets thick half way between which I am finding out all top coats I have tried do 😦  Then used one of my cuticle oils CND Solar Oil  which is another great product for nails and cuticles. I ♥ this color!! It is of course as the name suggests a Christmas color. Not too light or dark.


Mine looks a little lighter than the one on Girlosity Cosmetics Etsy store but still a good color, but way to hard to polish with, long story short It was so thick I could not get one smooth coat even with polish thinner added. So I had to do some major fixing to keep this color on and look some what good. I am not sure why it was so thick it was stored in my very cool dry bedroom and is only about a month or so old. the size of the bottle is 5ML, maybe that is the reason, the small bottle, I am not sure but it baffled me. Anyhow I made it work because I love the color. What do you think of the outcome? Honestly…I would love feedback good or bad. Then I continue to use my on the go J & K’s Hempworks Balm  (locally handmade in Maine) while I am out and about or just want some added moisture and protection to my hands, and cuticles without any greasy feeling or smell.

Thanks so much for reading. I miss you all very much 🙂 I wanted to at least share my nails of today with you before I go back and rest some more as I am back to the Dr’s Tuesday.  Please leave your feedback in comments or email me at ♥


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