BlackLabel Nail Care System- SquareHue 7-free

Good morning my loves, boy have things been so crazy here lately…actually crazy isn’t the only word how about stressful and emotional but thanks to my online world of all you helps me stay calm and focused. You do more than you know. Here is some new products and updates for Squarehue lovers.  I am going to be trying this brand soon seems how I have read many mixed reviews. Some people love their polish and others do not. Which is totally fine, we all know I am picky about ingredients and application when it comes to polish. So next month I will have a live review of this brand 🙂 Until then enjoy my updates on their brand. 7-free for an even cleaner formula!

The BlackLabel Nail Care System includes: Almond Cuticle Oil – Keep cuticles softened and hydrated. BaseCoat – Extend the life of your manicure with great nail color adhesion. WetLook TopCoat – Creat a durable high gloss surface and durable finish.*

My two favorite looks from all their collections besides the Blacklabel Set are: The 1920’s collection and Milan collection. Which of these do you all like the look of the best?

1920’s collection Style& Speed Silver Shimmer



1920’s collection Cocktails & Cigarettes Shear Iridescent pink
1920’s collection Art & Deco Copper Shimmer
Milan Collection Via Della Spiga Red glossy Creme
Milan Collection Via Montenapoleone Black Matte. I have never liked matte look but this looks cool
Milan Collection Via Saint’ Andrea Dark Tan High Gloss Creme Oh How I love brown shades










I am very excited to try one of these collections soon and would love your input as to which one you would like to see on my blog. Source: Squarehue * these pictures are NOT mine

Thanks so much for reading



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