Indie Nail Vinyls & Art Brands

Good Morning my loves, This week I have been taking a lot of time into my interest of nail stencils, vinyls etc by Indie brands I find the thought of supporting Indie brands my favorite mostly nowadays. So take a look at these brands and see what you think. Maybe you have already used them, If so please leave your comment below. I am sure they have many more Indie Brand Vinyls and nail art, this is just the start of my list.  I will of course be updating this.

I want to give a huge thank you to Lauren @ Youpolish. I explained to her that I am new to the whole nail art world and she has helped me tremendously, taking time out of her busy morning with kids to send me a video and help me learn. She seems like she takes her customers needs very seriously.Thanks again Lauren you are a blessing 🙂 Free shipping always Free shipping on vinyls, also carries cuticle oils, coffee mugs for beauty lovers Nail Vinyls, Midwest Nail Lacquer 5- free, Very big variety Nail Vinyls and beautiful nail charms. Ships worldwide Nail Vinyls,5-free polish, Hand care, gift sets Many Many nail vinyls to choose from Free shipping

Thanks so much for reading Xoxo



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