Pretty Women Nail Medic Force Field -10 Nail Medic Nail Treatments Available Online now @ Walm-Mart

Nail Treatments– ahhh the never ending story of finding something that truly does everything you want, some of us have perfect nails, some of us have dry, aging, splitting, thin, cracked, peeling nails. They have more nail treatments or “so called treatment products ” that claim to fix everything haha I don’t know about that 😦 I found that Sally Hansen Nail Rehab does help nails grow big time for me, but it does not do much else besides mask imperfections.. Now the pretty women growth factor that I used up months ago helped my nails a little bit but not much and it did the same as most nail treatments get really thick half way through. So now I am trying again the Force Field  and I tried this before when my nails were short and it just did not do much for me at the time, now remember I have bad health and on medications that alter the affects of my nail health and growth. My point? What does not work for me may work for you. Every has different nail health deep down. 

Nail Medic is available at select Walmart stores and Walmart s website here is the link to order some of their products online, they have 5 options to order and have sent to your home at that link. The following link is for Nail Medic Nail Blur, Nail Detox, Shea Treatment, CC Cream Lacquer Color Correcting Base Coat,Fairwell Fungus, So now a total of 10 items from nail medic line to order online and have sent to you. I am SO happy you can order these on Wal-Marts website now. I know weird they have them under different names one list is under Pretty Women the other list is under Nail Medic, but hey for those who have wanting them and local stores do not have them this is a big help. I am glad I dug around wal-marts website with different word searches to find it all. I hope this helps people try or order products from PW nail medic line that they love.

Nail Medic Rejuvenator is a nail and cuticle aid:

*Combines an invigorating blend of oils, extracts and vitamins which help hydrate and revitalize tired, dull cuticles and nails. Guarana Extract, B Vitamins and Peppermint Oil stimulate the nail and cuticle. Green Tea Extract and Aloe Extract hydrate and further energize the cuticles and nails, promoting a boost in overall appearance and natural nail growth.

Function/Purpose: Cuticle and nail energizer

Key Ingredients:
– Guarana Extract
– B Vitamins
– Peppermint Oil
– Green Tea Extract
– Aloe Extract

Shake well before use. After cleansing nails with Phase 1 products of your choice, apply Rejuvenator generously to bare nails and cuticles. Wipe off excess product and allow to dry. Follow with Phase 3 products of your choice. *

Nail Medic Force Field Is to Harden and Protect your nails:

*A unique nail-hardening complex that instantly hydrates and stabilizes soft, weak nails while forming a shield of protection from external stress and damage. Infused with Keratin Protein, Bio-Minerals, and Vitamin E. This treatment will condition, toughen and protect the nail, improving its structure to help reduce breakage.

Function/Purpose: Nail hardener and protectant

Key Ingredients:
– Keratin Protein
– Bio-Minerals
– Vitamin E

After cleansing nails with Phase 1 and 2 products of your choice, apply 1-2 coats of Force Field to bare nails. Allow to dry and apply nail polish, if desired.*

Pretty Women Nail Medic Force Field & Rejuvenator
step 2&3

Anyhow I grabbed a new bottle of Force Field Yesterday and I of course prepped and buffed my nails gently and then applied the nail rejuvenator that I have been using for a long time by Pretty Women Nail Medic line and then used Force Field. I used 2 Thin coats and wow dry time is ahhhmazing, and my nails looked so healthy with a slight milky white tint to them and oh so soft I could not stop looking at them or touching them haha 🙂 I even applied it over my right middle finger that has slight peeling at the tip and it looked perfect. I am happy I gave this another try. I did not however take pictures of my nails before and after but I will next time which I am sure will be soon. My hope is that this will help long term with my overall nail condition and growth as nails need to be healthy from the inside out to even grow. My opinion of course. Anyhow I will buy ordering some products off Wal-Mart for this line. I hope that this has been helpful. 

All the pictures below are available at Wal-marts website links I have provided above. 🙂

I hope you all enjoyed this post, I enjoyed doing it 🙂

Xoxo Laura


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