Bonita Forget Me Not

Hello, This morning I have another Bonita Favorite of mine for this Holiday Season from the Forget Me Not Collection, I could not get You’re My Lobster which is the nice bright Red Jelly with glitters & Mo’Money which is a beautiful satin pine Green . The whole collection consist of 6 beautiful colors with plenty of glitter and shimmer for the glitter lovers. Available at Rite Aid for 1.49 then with my card savings and the b1g1 half off I only paid like 4.01 total for all 4, great deal. 

Bonita polishes when used in thin coats dries super fast, even when applying you need to be speedy. If you use semi thick coats make sure you wait and make sure they are fully dry before adding more coats or you will have ding marks if you bump anything. I even topped with a quick dry top coat and it still took a while for those nails to be 100% dry I tested thin and medium thickness coats on separate nails to test it out. However our house is some what warm and has humidifiers for my kids so in my opinion that is why. I love the catchy colors and how some of them could be used together for nail art which I totally plan on trying. 

I also noticed while I was reading the ingredients, I did not see any of the major toxins some people may worry about..I do not think think I am blind haha so I was very happy to read that however the polishes do have a little stronger smell than some I use. Bonita is proudly cruelty free 🙂 Here below are my pictures of Forget Me Not  sorry for the weird brightness in some I did not have time to mess around last night with pictures as my kids & I had projects to do, sorry 

Overall I am happy with the polish besides the strong smell 😦 or it could just be my sensitive nose 

You can find Bonita links here From there they have their Twitter,Instagram and Facebook along with option to order products off their website like mini polishes for .99 and other Bonita Nail collections then they have their Velvet lip Cream.

Thank You for reading 

Xoxo Laura

Forget Me Not, Tinman's Brew,Golden Girl,Do The Flamingo
Forget Me Not, Tinman’s Brew,Golden Girl,Do The Flamingo
Forget Me Not
Bonita Forget Me Not
Bonita Forget me not
Bonita Forget me not

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