Barielle Box Review -Would Make A Great Gift For X-Mas

Good afternoon. I hope you all have had a great day so far. I was happy to receive my order from BarielleBox this morning. If you are new to hearing about this the specific details will follow at the end. It is the season for gifts so this would be a great gift for any lady who like polish. 

It came with 3 polishes and a surprise gift all neatly packaged in the box safely for the special into price of $5.03 with shipping including. I was happy to try this box as they are 5-free 🙂 and they carry soooo many colors. I was really hoping for in season colors, that is the only thing that really disappointed  me. I kind of feel they did not make this a “in trend or season” collection.  The colors I received were Mojito Madness is a creamy turquoise on their website, It is from their Tiki Bar Collection Summer 2015, Next we have Orange U Jealous which I love the look of. It has a great amount of shimmer to it. They call it a burnt orange with gold shimmer, Definitely great color for Fall as it is from their 2015 Fall/Winter collection called Hot Chick.  Last we have Secret Desire,Also from the Hot Chic Collection, A beautiful shiny deep purple. All of these are 2 or 3 coats to full coverage.The Nail strengthening cream is very thick 🙂 a little goes a long ways and it is very moisturizing. I put it on over an hour ago and my hands still feel moisturized. The only thing that bothers me about this cream is that it contains a formaldehyde re-leaser.I did try it for a little bit then washed my hands well. Just my personal preference not to use any form of formaldehyde or its re-leasers. The cream retails for 10.00. The polishes retail for 8.00 each so the box total comes to 34.00 on their website before shipping. That is a pretty good deal for the intro special of 5.03 I paid however I am not sure I would keep my subscription yet at 19.95 per month. If each box comes with full size items from their website that breaks down to 5.00 per item which if you think about it is not that bad.I would lean more towards keeping it if all their products were free of all forms of formaldehyde and epoxy resins. Their Barielle Shades & treatment polishes are totally free of formaldehyde but do contain TPHP for those who would like to know, however their treatments all have camphor and TPHP and some have epoxy resins (Remember this is just my personal preference about ingredients). I am only letting buyers know so they have more knowledge, whatever everyone chooses does not affect my liking or love for my readers. 

I used my base coat SH Rehab, 2 coats of Secret Desire,Top coat I used was Poshe. I love the shiny outcome. Secret Desire is a kinda watery feeling when applying, so 2-3 thin coats is a must. Dry time was OK, not too quick but not too long. This purple is a great Fall/Winter color. 

bariellebox review
Barielle Box Review
barielle box secret desire
Barielle Box Review Secret Desire

I look forward to trying out the other two colors soon. The blue however will only be for swatch purpose or maybe snowflake stencils until spring/summer. However the coraloraganish (lol) and purple I really love. 

BarielleBox terms & prices
BarielleBox terms & prices ** From their website
Bariellebox 5-free

You can find Bariellebox here:

I hope you enjoyed this post 🙂 Till next time 

Xoxo Laura 

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