Doug Schoon- Expert in beauty, cosmetic and personal care Industry

Good morning beauties,I just wanted to give you an update so you can read more info on this subject if you like. Personally to me everyone can make their own choices on what they use and don’t use on the body. I only share what I find for my readers to be aware of. My personal opinion is less toxins the better but with that said I would be using water nail polish that lasts a day…not cool. but they have options out there for everyone’s needs or wants. Before you decide to totally cross off a brand due to the new TPHP news floating everywhere online read on.

Doug Schoons Facebook

He has covered many things in the nail field lately on his Facebook page including the TPHP in his research and findings.

Doug Schoon bio from his website :

Doug Schoon is an internationally-recognized scientist, author and educator with over 30 years experience in the cosmetic, beauty and personal care industry. He is a leading industry authority, known for his technical and regulatory work that has helped shape the beauty industry. He is Co-Chair of the Nail Manufacturers Council (NMC), and as Creative Nail Design’s (CND) Chief Scientist, was head of the R&D laboratory, QA, and Field Testing/Evaluation departments for almost 20 years.

Schoon has authored several books, video and audio training programs, as well as dozens of magazine articles about salon products, safety, and best practices for salon professionals. Schoon is well known for his captivating presentation style and his unique ability to make complex concepts easy to understand.

In 1986, Schoon founded Chemical Awareness Training Service (CATS) – the beauty industry’s first safety training company. This was followed by his book, Nail Structure & Product Chemistry, 1st and 2nd Edition, which has become essential reading for nail salon pros. Schoon is a chief contributor to Milady’s Standard Nail Technology andStandard Cosmetology, as well as several medical reference books such as Baran and Maibach’s Textbook of Cosmetic Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology: A Comprehensive Medical and Surgical Text.

Schoon serves as an expert witness in legal cases, and doctors, dermatologists and podiatrists often consult Schoon when writing articles, books or scientific papers. He has worked as a scientific researcher, author and lecturer for almost 35 years and holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry from UC-Irvine. He currently resides in Dana Point, CA.

Overview Industry Experience

  • President, Schoon Scientific + Regulatory Consulting, LLC (2007- present)
  • Co-Chair, Nail Manufacturer’s Council (NMC) (2003-present)
  • V.P., Science & Technology – CND (Creative Nail Design, Inc.(1987-2007)
  • Executive Director/Founder of Chemical Awareness Training Service (1986-89)
  • World renowned expert; considered a leading scientist in the field
  • Works with state, federal and international regulators to develop beauty industry related standards and regulations.
  • Experienced working with EU and Japanese cosmetic regulatory agencies and many domestic and international trade associations
  • Experienced working with activist groups to address industry issues
  • Over thirty years experience as a researcher, lecturer, author and educator
  • Regularly writes articles and makes contributions to several domestic and international beauty trade magazines
  • Author of science and safety books for beauty professionals, including the industry standard, “Nail Structure & Product Chemistry“, Second Edition, 2005
  • Contributing author to many educational books used in beauty schools
  • Contributing author to several medical texts used by dermatologists and doctors
  • Bachelors Degree Chemistry, Cal State University- Long Beach, CA (1982)
  • Masters of Science Degree in Chemistry, University of California-Irvine (1984)

This man is a well known expert so I thought I would give you readers who may not have known about him a little info and links to read on about him and other things in the beauty industry.

**bio from his website**

Thanks and have a great day

Xoxo Laura


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