Lillian Eve Big Come Back 39 items In stock 

Hello my lovely readers. Here I am again with one of my all time fav’s LE 🙂

I am in shock here, but in a majorly good way. Thank god I check LE’s in stock items regularly because I was so happy to find such a variety today.I wish I could order almost all of them. I have added some of THEIR photos to give you a glimpse of beauty they have for your nails. 

Lillian Eve Nail Polish & Care

Cuticle Oil Pen – Nourishing Cuticle Oil by Lillian Eve, All Natural, No Fillers, Vegan
Cuticle Oil Pen
Chateau Michelle - 5-free Vegan Nail Polish from Lillian Eve |
Chateau Michelle
Vegan Ridge Filler from Lillian Eve |
Ridge Filler
  - 5-free Vegan Nail Polish Made in USA from Lillian Eve |
Rolling Blackout
Lillian Eve Non-Acetone Acid-Free Polish Remover with Aloe |
NON-Acetone Remover On Sale

So my beauties head on over and take a look at the wide variety available. I am sure there is a color available for everybody.

Xoxo Laura

Pictures ** from LE website



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