J&K’s Hempworks Organic Lip balm

Good Afternoon, as promised here is the Hempworks Lip Balm. Now I was blown away when I opened this in the car on the way home from meeting my ups man. Why? Because one swipe across my bottom lip was VERY moisturizing. This one has NO scent or taste, which is good for people sensitive to those things, or just don’t like flavored lip balm. Great for men and women.  I of course tried the other one on my cuticles (came as a 2 pack) all I did was rub a tiny bit on my index finger and then apply it to my driest nails and cuticles and as you can see below in the picture (shiny hands) I applied a tiny bit to my hand and then rubbed it in like lotion. No sticky, tacky, ucky feeling at all . It took a good massage quickly to absorb fast. This product I love as I am typing this my hands do not feel dry at all, and not slimy or greasy just well moisturized. My lips it lasted about a hr on mine without wearing off and that is a record considering I drink a lot and have a habit of licking my lips haha oh well. Overall this was a great purchase so far, now I want to try the mint version 🙂

So what do you think of the ingredients and my use for this ? I think it feels like a good product, we will see the long term benefits of this in a few weeks to see if it keeps working well. I love the fact I can put them anywhere and not worry about oil leaking 🙂     ( sorry about the big gap between pictures for some reason my phone did not want to cooperate right today)

All absorbed
After I applied it before I massaged it in


Xoxo Laura

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