Fall Brisk Chill Cuticle Care

Good afternoon, The Fall chill is here at in the 20’s at night…berrr anyhow I have always battled dry cuticles and skin around my nails from Fall to Spring so I wanted to share some of my favorite products/ideas. 

Which are:  CND Solar oil, J&K’s Hempworks Balm and Now foods Organic Argan oil. Now yes the Hempworks is a lip balm, I think it should be called just balm, because these ingredients are so good in my opinion and everyone knows that many people use chap-stick on the go for cuticle moisturizing. I so cannot wait until the Hempworks gets here tomorrow 🙂 I will definitely post pics and more information on everything about it. Now, yes I know dry cuticles and skin is a year around problem for some, However I wanted to put together this for you because its Fall and you will be heading out tricking or treating with your little ones soon. Depending on where you are located the weather could be nice or very brisk, windy etc so don’t let your hands and nails take a witches look 😦 moisturize before you head out the door.  

Fall Dry Cuticle Care

xoxo Laura

Happy Harvest Season to all

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