Nail Medic Rise & Shine Top coat Update

Top Coat

Good morning beauties, Are you having a nice cup of hot coffee? 🙂  Just a quick hello before I am off and bringing the kids to school 😦 I miss them for the 4 hrs but is nice i guess. I am also heading to the store to grab some of this top coat and see how it works. I have been a lover of Poshe and Lillian eve top coats for a long time, however I love the ingredients in this which are :

Function/Purpose: High gloss plumping top coat

Key Ingredients:
– Coconut Oil
– Argan Oil
– Vitamin E

After cleansing nails with Phase 1 and 2 products of your choice, apply 1-2 coats of Rise & Shine over polished nails. Allow to dry.

A fast-drying, salon quality top coat that provides superior depth and shine to the nail. Up to 10 days of wear.  Infused with Coconut Oil, Argan Oil, and Vitamin E. This top coat will offer protection from environmental damage and reduce chipping and peeling, while delivering an ultra-glossy, gel-like finish. ** From their website

So I am going to try it today and hope the smell is not as strong as most, seems I am getting more sensitive with smells due to my seasonal allergies. So wish me well and I will definitely write about this later on after I have used it.

UPDATE: Well, I tried it out on my nail color last night as a top coat, it took forever to dry 😦 so must be this is only to be used on bare states on the package 2 coats for bare nails but if it is a top coat then why bare nails? It did feel nice and smooth, low odor that did not last long 🙂 so for a person who just wants a nice glossy smooth bare look it would work great. For someone who loves colors and switching polish often I would not say this would be good for that. With that said it has great ingredients and price points so maybe give it a try ❤

Source: Nail Medic

Xoxo Laura

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