Argan oil-Organic Benefits-Hair & Cuticles 

Now Foods Organic Argan Oil, 2 Oz
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Good afternoon, I have been researching organic hair care and I love the sound of Argan oil, it is great for so many things from head to toe and of course cuticles. They have so many different brands and variations of products that supposedly contain this magic ingredient however if you truly search and look at the health rating and toxins in many products you cannot even pronounce most of them. I personally would much rather use the real deal. How about you?

Now for a quick little guide : You can add some of this to your shampoo or conditioner, your lotion, make homemade easy beauty products. I am definitely going to try the Now foods Argan oil for my majorly dry flyaway hair and my cuticles( place a very tiny drop on each nail and massage in, before bed is best). I will see how it goes. I will post as soon as I receive my order Wednesday or Thursday.

Have any of you used ORGANIC Argan oil? if so how did you like it?

An in-depth guide to using Argan Oil for Hair. We run through all the benefits, all the products, and how to use them to achieve the hair you want.

Source: The Ultimate Guide To Using Argan Oil For Hair – Argan Oil World

Thank you for reading I hope it was useful.

xoxo Laura


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