****Expanding my blog: Question to all my readers ****

I have been thinking of maybe expanding my blog to also include healthy less toxic products like bath, body,makeup,pretty much everything beauty wise to help inform readers of healthier options out there. The reason for this is that I have started a while ago only using healthier products or all organic ones. Yes of course I still love some of Revlon and other lines however I would love to share with you all what I find or try. This being a NAIL POLISH blog, It will mainly be my obsession of nail polish but other beauty added in. I really need your input on this before hand though. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated , so please take a minute and comment. 🙂 Thanks so much 

xoxo Laura NPL


9 thoughts on “****Expanding my blog: Question to all my readers ****

      1. You’re welcome! I like to hear others thoughts on different products. I find it helps me make decisions before I purchase! I tend to bounce around on all different things on my blog because that’s what I like to do. So if you enjoy it as well I think you should do it!

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