Trio in Neutral Blues by Pacifica

This is a brand that I definitely want to try out to see how the odor and wear time is, they have some awesome neutral colors. I would not use this just for the holiday season, its a good set of neutral colors for almost any occasion.

7 Free, which means it is without or “free of” the toxic chemicals one would usually find in nail polish. Long lasting, full color nail color that goes on smooth and stays put. Fast-drying. Customized wider brushes allow for easier application. Super fun and sexy colors-the Pacifica way. On trend colors, perfect for the holiday season. Timeless and beautiful. $27 value for $20! Colors included in trio: Drift, Dark Desert Highway, 1972 Pool Party

Source: Holiday Polish Trio in Neutral Blues | Pacifica

Thanks for reading ❤ Pretty soon I will be doing a big post on all the brands I want to try and have tried including the good and bad.

xoxo Laura NPL


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