Revlon brilliant strength Inspire

Hi nail lovers,I hope everyone is well. Today I have a dark creme color that is a definite Fall color. I know another Revlon I am sorry but I love some of their lines and formulas. This one is INSPIRE.
This color was a little different on coverage than many others I have,however still great coverage with 2 coats. In this mani I used Dr.Marvey  nail cure as my base coat and  LE diamond top coat. This combination works great. I stopped using Sally hansen nail rehab about 2 weeks ago because the formula gets so thick and hard to apply half way through the bottle and was making some of my nails see through thin but also made them grow well…..weird but anyhow I am in big hopes that the nail cure will continue them to grow and harden along with using the Dr marvey nail cpr and fitness oil that I have previously written about before.
Thanks so much and I hope you like this color for Fall.
Also,I have come down with a cold from my kids school 😧😴so I have been sleeping more and trying to get better .


Thanks again 💅💅💅

💅Xoxo Laura NPL💅


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