Revlon collections ewg comparison

Good evening, I am a bit stumped here. I love Revlon and now I went and bought two of the regular Revlon nail polish, the Treat and boost and the color Girly! Instantly after I painted one hand with the treat and boost I had this nasty taste in my mouth, (what happens when I used a polish that has something in it that really bothers me), however when I have used colorstay and brilliant strength polish that has not happened. I looked up the ingredients on and yes some are different of course but it is so hard to know which one exactly 😦 so I am very frustrated. Back to using the Sally Hansen Nail Rehab and the other polish’s I have that I know wont bother me.

I don’t know how many of you out there have sensitivities to ingredients of products but it is really hard to go to the store and find polish that does not have harsh ingredients…Don’t you all wish local stores like Rite-Aid and Wal-Mart would sell 5 free nail polish ?

Anyhow, That is my sad update for the day, now to decide which color to paint them hmmm…. hard decisions ❤

xoxo Laura NPL Revlon Treat and Boost Revlon Brilliant strength beguile

revlon Treat & Boost, Revlon GirlyRevlon Beguile


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